The lunch menu changes every day depending on the season and the chef's inspiration. It always consists of a starter, a main course (omnivorous or vegetarian on Thursdays), a vegetarian plate and two desserts of your choice.

Dish of the day = 14€

Starter + Dish of the day or Dish of the day + Dessert = 16€ 

Starter + Dish of the day + Dessert = 18€


Veggie plate = 12€ 

Starter + Veggie plate or Veggie plate + Dessert = 14€ 

Starter + Veggie plate + Dessert = 16€


brunch Menu


Every Saturday 11am - 3pm


Two course formula 20€

Three course formula 24€

Drinks included


We propose a list of freshly made dishes with local products and seasonal ingredients. Sweet of savoury, make your choice from among a dozen dishes on the menu. All formulas come with a drink of your choice as well as bread, homemade jam, chocolate spread and butter.


Starter + Main course + Dessert………………34€
 (Extra charge 2€ for cheese plater instead of dessert)
Starter + Main course +  Cheese + Dessert …………...39€

Smoked bacon, grilled leeks, marinated egg yolk and croutons (gluten, egg)

Pork belly and glazed pork cheek, seasonal roasted vegetables, anise sauce (gluten, lactose)
Poached pear, shortbread, and verbena granita (lactose, gluten, eggs)

Ravioli of celeriac with monkfish tartare, celery puree, black garlic mayonnaise (fish, egg, lactose)
Merlu, spelled risotto, grilled chicory, curry sauce (fish, lactose, gluten)
Chocolate, coffee and almond drop (nuts, lactose, eggs)

Variation of carrots, hazelnuts and fresh cheese (lactose, nuts)
Cabbage dolma with Belgian green lentils, chestnuts and green sauce (lactose, nuts)
Lemon mousse, meringue, and crusty chocolate (lactose, eggs)

Wine pairing two courses……………… 14€
Wine pairing & spirits three courses ……24€

The menus offer suggestions of flavour combinations but the dishes of each menu can be mixed. Please let us know if you have any food allergies or intolerances and refer to the mentions in parentheses.