Frequently Asked Questions

A zero waste restaurant? But how does this work?

We work with a zero waste philosophy, we aim to reduce non-recyclable waste as much as possible and always favour reusable objects (containers, packaging) or raw materials that we can use 100% of.


This influences us on several levels:


We have chosen producers who accept to deliver to us with a deposit system: glass bottles for the milk, buckets for cream, crates for vegetables, no unnecessary packaging, which drastically reduces the size of our bins. These producers are based in the same regions, so they group together for deliveries that reduce environmental impact. Finally, we prefer the close proximity by working directly with these producers to avoid over-packaging/labelling products that go through wholesalers. It is also a guarantee a fairer income for our producers.


In the kitchen, we try to use 100% of the food we receive, no waste, everything can be eaten with a little creativity! For example, if we decide to propose a dessert with apples then we are also thinking about how to enhance the core by integrating it into an infused cream or jelly. We are trying to give value what others would throw away too quickly.


In the dining room, nothing is lost, everything is transformed. All the furniture in the room is made from reclaimed materials of other constructions meaning they were recovered on site and upgraded by craftsmen and designers.: Some of our sources was the European Commission where we have converted old desks to restaurant tables, but also acoustic panels made of recycled wood, second hand lighting or chairs made of recycled plastic.


_Finally, we produce our own soft drinks as much as possible (yes, we must admit that we still have no control over winemaking!) in order to offer you healthy and natural drinks without adding stabilisers or refined sugars. This approach also aims to reduce packaging by working with our own reusable containers and also reduce CO2 emissions by saving on delivery/transport. Finally, useless plastic accessories are banned: no plastic straws in our house but stainless steel straws (and because the question is often asked, we wash our straws with a cleaning brush to wash them properly inside and outside before putting them in our professional dish, so there is nothing dirty about using a reusable straw!)

And where did this idea come from?

We started from the following observations : first, the food business is a very polluting industry that is still not very well recognized as such on a collective level. Secondly, there is a dichotomy between people who want to eat organic at home but do not know where to find ingredients of equal quality in restaurants.

From there, we reflected on how to create a sustainable restaurant model that manages to limit its ecological footprint in its entirety and we started to imagine Le Local, restaurant that combines circular economy, sustainable development, and top-notch gastronomy.

What is the circular economy?

Today we live in a linear economy. We produce, we consume and we throw away. The circular economy is no longer about throwing away but reproducing, reconstituting and revaluing. A virtuous circle that makes sense in an increasingly worrying ecological context.

A zero waste kitchen, so do we eat the leftovers of other customers?

Not at all ! The leftover plates are offered to customers in doggy-bags (Rest-O-Pack) to allow you to enjoy your plates to the last crumb while fighting against food waste. Belgium is the second most wasteful country in the European Union in terms of food.. On average, Belgians throw away 347 kilos of food every year, which is twice as much as Germans, Luxembourgers or French people. We can do better !

So doggy-bag aren’t cheap, they’re great.

After all, you've paid for what's on your plate so take it home with you!

If after that, you are still not convinced, don't worry, your leftover plates will go to compost either to fertilize our producer’s soils or to help make green energy.


And it works?

It takes a lot of work and especially a strict organization, but yes, it works. We currently take out one garbage bag per week while we feed more than 200 people on average. And this is only the beginning, we are not perfect and are constantly looking for ways to improve.

Zero waste but you use paper NAPKINS?

We agree, what a paradox! Imagine that this point was overly debated by the team but we decided to keep them after discovering that our napkins (made of potato starch and that we compost) have a lower ecological impact than fabric napkins that should be sent to the launderer and washed with detergents several times a week.

Do you offer vegetarian or VEGAN alternatives?

Vegetarians are not put aside at the Local, it's actually the opposite (several vegetarians even slip into the team!). We have various proposals for you every day:


At lunchtime, we offer a vegetarian plate every day for 12€.

On Thursday lunch, the special dish of the day is always vegetarian as we participate in the "Veggie Thursday" of the city of Brussels to raise awareness of a more rational consumption of meat (so only vegetarian options on the menu!)


In the evenings, there is always a vegetarian full menu that is just as sophisticated as the other options. Enough to seduce, even non-vegetarians!


NB: If you are vegan, it requires a little more anticipation on our part so please let us know in advance so that we can offer you an adapted menu.

How much does it cost to come and eat at the Local?

Our rates are as follows:



Dish of the day = 14€

Starter + Dish of the day or Dish of the day + Dessert = 16€

Starter + Dish of the day + Dessert = 18€


Veggie plate= 12€

Starter + Veggie plate or Veggie plate + dessert = 14€

Starter + Veggie plate + dessert = 16€



Starter + Main course + Dessert= 34€

(Extra charge 2€ for the cheese plater instead of the dessert)

Starter + Main course + Cheeses + Dessert = 39€


Wine pairing 2 courses……………… 14€

Wine pairing & Spirit 3 courses ……24€



Two course formula 20€

Three course formula 24€

Drinks included

Do you still have any questions?

Write to us, you will add your question to the list!

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