At Le Local, the cooking is done with passion and honesty. We want to provide our customers with quality products and, thus we are particularly attentive and strict in sourcing our raw products as well as the way they are cooked. We work with 100% natural products without taste additives. We value seasonality above all else, it is a driving force that propels us to rethink traditional conservation methods. Don't be surprised if you don't find fresh tomatoes or cucumbers in winter, we've preserved them for you in cans or pickles!



80% of the products we’re cooking with come from local farms and within a short distance. This way, we want to give back value to the products and promote the Belgian terroir, while paying farmers the right price.



We choose our producers mindfully to provide our customers with organic or sustainable food. Animal products are sourced from respectful farming and sustainable fishing. This commitment is also reflected in the presence of gourmet and balanced vegetarian alternatives in our menu.



Unfortunately some products have to be sourced from far away sources. For these products from distant countries (coffee, chocolate, tea, etc.) we prefer fair trade products.



We work with respect and follow a zero waste philosophy, limiting food waste and finding creative way to utilise what others would throw away. We also offer a smaller versions of our dishes (at half price) for children between 4 and 10 years old.



We sort our food waste and give our compost to our producers. We limit packaging and offer "Rest-o-pack", a compostable doggy bag that allows you to bring at home what you did not finish in the restaurant. Finally, we aim to reduce energy consumption (water and electricity).

Labels and rewards

We have been awarded the "Good Food" label by Brussels Environment. We received three caps, the highest distinction, to reward our sustainable and responsible approach.


More information : Good Food.brussels

We were fortunate enough to win the VisitBrussels Award in the category "Best gastronomic concept 2017" thanks to the vote of the public and a panel of tourism professionals.


More information : Visit.brussels Award

We are part of the Jeudi Veggie network. At Le Local, you will find vegetarian alternatives all week long (for lunch and dinner), and a 100% veggie menu on Thursdays.


More information : Jeudi Veggie, EVA

We became Co2logic certified after taking a whole series of measures to reduce our carbon emissions. Nevertheless, there is always a part that we do not know how to reduce even with the best will, which is why we finance projects in developing countries to support their ecological transition and help them reduce their footprint.


More information : CO2 Logic

We were honoured to win the Ecodesign Brussels Award 2018, which rewards the work of our architect Elisa Perahia & Daniel Perahia, who have designed our building with the greatest attention to reusing materials from other deconstructed building in order to achieve the minimum possible environmental impact.


More information: Design Brussels

Since the summer of 2019, Le Local has been certified  "Bon pour le climat" !

This label has been awarded to us for our commitments in terms of local sourcing (within a maximum radius of 200km), our use of seasonal products, our low carbon emission rate (less than 2200g CO2) and our vegetable approach to cooking.


More information: Bon pour le climat

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